Monday, October 12, 2015


Leopard I, by Megan Carn
Acrylic on canvas, 2015

I love Megan Carn's artwork. I recently found out about her after sending Bart to Framebridge for framing, and fell pretty hard. I love her eye for colour--so much pink!--but I thought I'd avoid the pink this time because even I don't own a whole lot of it. But I found this beautiful painting Carn made of a leopard, and I thought it would be perfect for SIA! Email me your photos inspired by this great painting by Monday night (October 19th) to be included!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What to wear to a Kesha Concert (again)

September 19th @ 9:45pm
Upper intramural fields, Clemson University, Clemson, SC

S. wore:

K. wore:

L. wore:

I wore:

Talk about usual suspects--all this crew has been on AC at one point or another for going to a concert with me! K. and I surprised L. with with a ticket to see Kesha with us for her birthday, and we were all stuffed into my Prius for the twoish hour ride to Clemson. The school's performance/production group brought Kesha in, and since she hasn't done a great lot of live performing recently, we jumped at the chance to see her live (again for most of us; this was L.'s first time). K. dumped an entire bag of glitter into her weave, and even now at work I find little clusters of purple glitter on the carpet and in the bathroom. But anyway--the show was supposed to start at 9, and when 9 rolled around, we were still waiting in line and my poor friends experienced their first fan crush. (Or maybe poor me, since it wasn't my first by a long shot.) We finally got around to getting into the field Clemson had blocked off for the show and the show didn't start until 9:45pm, but it was great. Kesha looks happy and healthy and sounds fantastic, and while her set was nothing new, it was still a lot of fun and involved an enormous blow up rainbow to celebrate gay marriage's legality. Kesha mentioned that she was sick all day and her doctor told her to cancel, so I'm really glad we didn't end up with another Miley situation, especially since we had to drive almost two hours to get to Clemson! And Kesha just ain't that kind. She made it happen, and it was awesome.

And as a note: of all the concerts I've been to, I've never been to one whose parking situation was as well done as Clemson's. The Intramural fields were all used as parking, and they were all very well lit (they have sports lighting so our pictures turned out great, and we were super safe!) Clemson's production club also had the police on hand to help direct traffic. This is probably peanuts to them compared to the games at Death Valley, but still--for those of us who are used to pitch black parking lots and sitting for an hour waiting to get out of the lot in the first place, the organization and setup of the concert were greatly appreciated!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Small goals: October

Last month, I decided to take part in Nicole's small goals challenge. I did not do so great! But I'm going to be up front about it anyway. Here are the goals I set for last month:

Finish all stitchwork and beading on the Sleeping Princess. I did get this done! And I actually got it framed, which makes me really happy. I spent over a week looking for a frame and got pretty stressed out because it's a really weird size/shape, but I found one at Michael's on Friday that I missed on the first go round. Next weekend is when the fair starts! DONE.

Don't skip a day of training. I had to skip ONE day of training this month, because I was having some stomach issues, but I made that my rest day. So technically I didn't skip, I reappropriated. DONE enough.

Finish Between the World and Me and read The Wonder of All Things. Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick deWitt, who wrote one of my favourite books, was released partway through September, so I quit reading Between the World and Me for that. (No regrets, because Undermajordomo Minor is wonderful.) I did finish The Wonder of All Things, though! It was pretty good! Half FAIL.

Write and post at least one blog post per week, not including SIA. Fail. I was so committed to getting the cross stitch done that I basically ignored the blog. This one stays as a goal for October though. FAIL.

Paint the damn living room. Got it done! We painted the living room (except for the fireplace wall, which needs to be redone) a couple of weeks ago, and Tippy the cat moved in with Andrew. They're precious together. The living room is green screen green, and it looks great! I was kind of concerned about the green being too dark and bogging the room down, but it ended up looking excellent. DONE.

3 outta 5 ain't bad. 60%. That's...almost passing, and I guess my 3rd goal could be half complete, which is 70%, which means it's a C! Yaaaaaay. So here are October's goals:

Write and post at least one blog post per week, not including SIA. Like I said, it stays.

Submit five cross stitches to the fair. I've done five in the last year (whoa), and I want those tiny blue ribbons and $2 prizes for first place! (Uh, I hope. One ribbon would be solid.)

Clean my car. After New Orleans, my car was relatively clean, and after I took it to the shop, the guys who work there vacuumed it for me. But between life and a Kesha concert, my car is a mess inside. The rain has probably helped the exterior, but I need to vacuum and clean out the trunk.

Figure out what the hell is going on with my phone plan. A. and I share a phone plan, and it is $$$$$, even though employees there have told me it's the least expensive it could be, and I find that really hard to believe I tried downgrading our data last week and it ended up costing more! I also need to upgrade my phone--my dear sweet 4S is starting to go a little senile--and I've been putting off all of this because every time I go to Verizon, it's an hour of standing around. I just need to gather the chutzpah to go. I'm also still trying to decide what iPhone to upgrade to (I'm an iPhone fan and not ashamed of that) but I'm probably going to go all in and get a 6S, because I'll probably have it for the next 3 years. I'm not a serial upgrader.

Start working on a blog facelift. This is something I've wanted to do for a while. Header, font, colours, everything. It's just outdated. I don't expect to get it all done, but I have a header in mind that I really like the idea of, at least. And everyone has a white blog now. I want to be cool and have a white blog too!

So those are this month's goals. Let's see if I can do a smidge better this go round!

The water is wide

Scarf: JCPenney | Jacket: Target | Dress: Gap Outlet | Belt: Target | Tights: Target | Cowboy boots: Belk

Cardiganland spent most of this past weekend bracing for impact, and expecting the worst, but I'm very lucky to say that most of Joaquin missed my part of the state. We got plenty of rain--about 7 inches overall--and one person did die in the area last week, but the situation could have been much, much worse. I have friends who live in Columbia but were in Charlotte over the weekend and now they can't get home, because every interstate between the two cities is flooded in some areas. I hate that there are parts of South Carolina that are in such dire straits right now. It's devastating. But one thing I know about this state is that for better or worse, people band together. And in this situation, I believe it will be for the better.

Check out Jen's blog tomorrow for more outfits inspired by this week's SIA selection!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Be Kind to Books poster, by Arlington Gregg
Late 1930s, silkscreen on board

I'm a librarian so I guess I'm not the least biased person ever to say this, but who doesn't like a good book, amirite? So when Jen emailed over this week's SIA inspiration, I was pretty pleased. It's Banned Books Week in America, and this SIA is a great way to highlight that. To be included in this week's SIA, send your photos to Jen by the night of Monday, October (!!!) 5th to be included!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mad for plaid

Jacket: Target | Top: Target | Pants: Old Navy | Fledges: Target | Necklace: aptoart on Etsy

I have been looking for plaid pants for three falls now. It's taken THAT LONG to find a pair that suited me. I checked all over the place and liked a few pairs, but I really struggle to find pants that fit--I'm 5'10 and I have a long torso, but my legs are comparatively stubby. Usually pants are either too long, or they're baggy, or they're tight in the waist, whatever. But Old Navy! They came through! And in a big way, because these plaid pants are Philadelphia Eagles green! Fat lot of good it did, since they lost last night (boooooooo), but I did what I could to support the cause. Happy football season, y'all!


Painting Number 2, by Franz Kline
Oil on canvas, 1954

This painting is NINE FEET LONG. And we all know how I love big art. So I'm pretty stoked for this one! Salazar said she was influenced by my skirt from the pervious SIA, it tacky to wear the same skirt two SIAs in a row? We'll find out. Send Salazar your outfits inspired by Painting Number 2 by Monday, September 21st to be included in this week's roundup!